After the UCI’s rejection, last September, of the proposed 2012 Olympic Games road race circuit based on Hampstead Heath and Regent’s Park, little has been officially revealed about the route.

However, Cycling Weekly understands that the redesigned route of the road race will now head into the Surrey Hills.

Starting in Westminster, the route will head from London into the Surrey Hills and travel south-west to cross the Thames river at Putney.

From there, the riders will travel through Richmond and Bushy Parks before crossing the M25 at Leatherhead and then face possibly more than one ascent of Box Hill. 

From there, it’s through Headley and down to Dorking, then west along the A25 and up the steep Combe Lane in Shere before heading back towards London, taking in Byfleet, Weybridge, Bushy Park and Richmond Park.

The riders will then complete a 12.5km circuit of Westminster, Chelsea and Fulham before finishing on the Mall.

The route totals around 138km, which is around the right sort of distance for the women’s road race. The men’s route is likely to be tweaked to include more than one circuit of Box Hill, and up to six loops of the 12.5km finishing circuit in central London.

Read more about the 2012 road race route, with fully annotated map and analysis in this week’s Cycling Weekly magazine (May 20 2010 issue), out now

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  • Ian

    I see no signs of repaired potholes in Boxhill road, in fact my wife has just had to pay 40 pounds to replace a front spring on her car after hitting a particularly large one. I think it is lunacy to close my road when there are no alternative routes available, particularly without even consulting the residents. This is worse than being snowbound, at least then we could walk to Dorking or Leatherhead, and have done so, now it seems we cannot even walk along Boxhill road.

  • Grahame

    I wonder if the rediculously potholed roads in Surrey (reputedly the worst in the UK) will be preoperly surfaced in time? And if they are, what this will mean for the state of the roads in the rest of the county?

  • Ricardo van Looy

    Dont forget Crocknorth Road and the frantic changing down under the bridge!

  • Reinhard Raschke

    You will never have a cource like in France or Spain. Dont even try. Do the best you can in conditions that will be the best for the event. What ever happen We wil be there in our 1000 nds. Good luck. Sorry but now I have to go and start saving for my change of a life time

    Reinhard from South Africa

  • Steve F

    Going round the same old bit of countryside is nice and easy for the organisers and the TV companies but is becoming very tedius now.

  • Mike Short

    By wanting to put the peleton over everyone of the 20% hills in the North Downs, Andy seems to want to turn the Olympic Road Race into a climbing freak show. That’s something for the Giro and the Spring Classics not the Olympic games. We should all be happy that the games is coming to South West London.

    In any event, the Olympics tour of the Surrey hills is in the first third of the race and, as such, represents the entrée before the main event. The race is guaranteed to involve early breaks before it all come together during one of the city laps. The winner will come from out of a group that gets away during one of those final laps.

    In any event, having ridden Box Hill this morning, I relish the visit of the Olympics as it guarantees they will finally resurface the Zig Zag and, hopefully, remove the speed bumps.

  • Andy

    Much as I’d like to see Cav win gold in a sprint, it seems a shame to go Box Hill-Dorking-Combe Hill via the A25, missing out the other great climbs that lie within a handful of km, well known to most cyclists in the South-East, such as Leith Hill, Pitch Hill and Winterfold. Going up Box Hill multiple times makes this even more silly…

    Whilst a pretty, winding climb with the odd hairpin (if they go up the Zig Zag), and iconic for some, as well as being a great climb for amateurs to measure their progress against, I suspect the pros will find Box Hill to be a little tame.

    If, as it sounds, Swains Lane up Highgate Hill is now not included, then if anything the climbing involved is less demanding even if there is perhaps more of it.

    The world’s greatest climbers and heaviest sprinters taking on the 20% Tanhust Lane ascent of Leith Hill would be amazing to watch, and pure TV gold… Especially if they deliberately did *not* resurface it!

  • Ken Evans

    If it is like the 2007 TDF prologue, there could be huge crowds.

    The route options MUST be tried in advance,
    (such as a stage of the Tour Of Britain).

    The Police MUST cooperate (for a change).

    And 2010 would be better to start than 2011.

    The Olympic RR will be watched on TV by hundreds of millions of people,
    all over the world, Britain cannot afford to mess this one up.

  • Andrew Ward

    Great news regarding the route, taking in the Surrey Hills should be a good test, particulary the ascent and descent at Box Hill, fantastic views and a great tea shop at the top (not sure whether Brad and Cadel will have the opportunity to stop and have a sticky bun though?)