Criticism from parents of children at 37 Cambridge schools that are due to close when the Tour de France comes to town

Parents of children attending 37 schools in and around Cambridge that will close when the Tour de France visits in July have criticised the move.

School closures were announced due to expected travel difficulties for staff and pupils when stage three of the Tour starts in Cambridge and winds its way down to London as part of the race’s British Grand Depart.

According to Cambridge News, 30 state primary schools and seven secondary schools will close their doors on Monday July 7. Cambridge’s Addenbrookes hospital has also banned visitors until after 3pm, when roads in the area will start to reopen.

Graham Hughes, Cambridgeshire County Council’s executive director for economy and transport told Cambridge News: “We have also heard from a number of schools and academies which have been looking at the implications of the transport disruption and have been deciding whether they will open or close.

“These decisions are never easy but in taking them the headteachers have considered what they feel will be the impact of the race on their schools.”

  • Sooper8 .

    It could just be a very small but vocal minority of parents who just hate having their day ruined by having to make other arrangements? And a media that love moaning about anybody who might be having a good time?
    Most teachers will see this as a great opportunity to get the children enthused, and use this event as a stimulus for something to write a story or poem about, draw/paint, report on, and role models to aspire to.
    Children need experiences to write about. Imagine the irony if they were told to write a news report, story or poem about a big local event but were stuck in a hot classroom and not allowed the day off to watch this?
    Sport is a huge motivator for children of all abilities. I was part of a nationwide initiative that put classrooms in top class sporting venues. It was simple – the self esteem and self confidence rose dramatically just by learning in and around a stadium. Some of the youngsters created work that their school teachers could only dream about, and those who struggled at school with ‘behavior’ issues often had no problems when working at the venues.
    The project was showing a proven marked impact upon children’s SAT’s and GCSE’s. In 2011 the Government pulled the plug on it. It’s gone, despite its effectiveness. I guess it’s just cheaper to talk about healthy eating,obesity and exercise than actually go out and do something.

  • yenrod

    Ann Marie Rice says it for me… People moan about holidays in this country and when they do get one…

    Certain people in Cambridge and elsewhere need to get their heads outta there arses especially down south! miserable bunch !

  • Geoff Powell

    All the kids in Cambridge should have been given the day off to watch. It’s not as if the world’s greatest bike race is going to be in the town again in their lifetime.

  • annmarie rice

    Since when did great britain become so pretensious????? Give the kids a break give them inspiration and stop this over achieving bull shit..exercise is good for everyone and a cycling race right onyour front door is an amazing feeling to behold.

  • Mike Harris

    Nobody’s ever learnt anything in July anyway…

  • jackt70

    should have kept it in Yorkshire! far more reasonable people!