As part of our new Cycling Weekly Cycling Club, we’ve introduced a rating system that shows you how your cycling performance compares to everyone else’s. We’ve called it RiTMO, and it’s like a golf handicap system for road cyclists.

RiTMO is a kind of rolling average of your best three recent rides. The scale goes from 0 to 28, lower means better and only the best are good enough to reach 0.

One scale for everyone
Everyone, from elite athletes to occasional Sunday cyclists, are on the same RiTMO scale. A RiTMO Rating of 9 means the same in Dartford or Dallas, and lower always means better.

Track progress easily
Your RiTMO Rating is one simple number that tells you how you’re doing. Like a golf handicap, if it’s going down, you’re getting better and if it’s going up… well, it happens to us all sometimes.

Know who’s best
Differences in routes are automatically factored in, so even if you ride super-hilly 80-mile routes but your friend prefers dead-flat 10-mile blasts, your RiTMO Ratings still tell you who’s best.

Ride with others at your pace
RiTMO makes it easy to find new people to ride with who ride at your pace so you don’t have to worry about being dropped on every hill or getting cold hanging around for slower riders.

Three best recent rides
To get your first RiTMO Rating, log three or more rides of over 16km (10 miles). If you have more rides saved just upload the lot or sync with STRAVA – your best performances automatically count towards your RiTMO Rating. Top up with at least one ride every two months…

Find out more about the RiTMO Ratings and how you can get yours…

  • nigel f

    I really want to get a ritmo rating but cant seem to find how to sync my strava, when i go to the ‘sync’ tab i am only offered nike+, what am i doing wrong or have you stopped supporting strava sync? – only putting this comment here because the helpdesk tab doesn’t seem to work either.

  • Harry

    I’m using every means possible to get myself back on my bike after 35 years of raising a family work etc. RiTMO seems one more way for me to do this. Just wish it was easier to synch or upload with my iPhone. I’ve got beautiful map of my route and all relevant stats on my iPhone but no way of getting map etc on to my profile page beyond manual entry. It says I have to upload my route. How? All help is appreciated

  • Mark P

    @Justin – Great comment! Exactly what i thought when i read Teddy’s comment. You need to challenge yourself all the time to become better when you eventually get to race

  • Gary S

    Been without my Garmin for a couple of months now so just use Strava on my phone. Now that’s not compatible with Ritmo is there any other way of uploading the data?

  • Justin


    That’s just the kind of ignorant elitist nonsense that puts people off participating in races. Cycling is great fun at all levels, and the idea that riders should only challenge their own PBs during organised races is totally against the the inclusive nature of the sport. Moreover, it is impossible for athletes to be competitive if they only challenge themselves during actual races.

  • JK

    Is this Ritmo site fritzed, I can’t seem to log in. It is completely crippling my browser (chrome)…?

  • Randomeur

    Great idea! People are constantly saying to me “I’d love to take up cycling, if only it were more like golf”. I patiently explain the similarities in terms of the daft clothing and the ludicrously over-priced kit, but it just doesn’t seem to do it for them. Perhaps ‘RiTMO’ will help push a few more over the edge.

    Alternatively: wot Teddy said.

  • teddy

    Here is a new idea if you want to compete and compare yourself against others – ENTER AN ACTUALL RACE – it promotes the racing side of our sport, stops people riding dangerously on busy roads tring to get strava KOM’s or thinking a sportive is a race….

  • Speedking

    Brilliantly simple – seems obvious. Why hasn’t anyone thought of doing this before. Free as well. Getting bored with Strava so will def give it a go. Good on ya CW