If you thought that the case of Alberto Contador’s clenbuterol positive at the Tour de France might suddenly be getting a little bit closer to being resolved, think again – yet more delays could be in the pipeline.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) confirmed on Monday that it has in fact received all the documentation relating to Contador’s positive for clenbuterol from the Spanish Cycling Federation’s Disciplinary Committee and that the documents are being studied by its anti-doping and legal departments.

According to a press release, the documentation for the case was sent to Switzerland on December 10, exactly a month ago, from Spain.

However, the UCI has insisted in the same press statement that it is acting a purely consultative role and that the responsibility for any verdict, which could include a penalty of up to two years, will remain with the Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC).

The RFEC, which initially had said via un-named sources that it was looking for a joint decision on the Contador case, now appears to have settled for the UCI taking an advisory role rather than ‘sharing the blame’ for any decision.

“This [sending the documentation] is completely standard practice and the UCI welcomed the RFEC’s request,” the UCI press release says, “…the RFEC will receive the requested opinion as soon as possible.”

‘Soon’, though, could mean more delays in reality, given the UCI have set a deadline of January 24th to respond to the RFEC’s request . So the waiting game will go on until at least then – and it could be later. The UCI reserves the right for an extension depending on how quickly the documents can be translated, all of which would draw out the procedure. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), who were also sent the documents, have not responded to the RFEC’s request at all so far.

The UCI also emphasise that this assistance to the RFEC in no way means that they lose their right to appeal to CAS should they not agree with the RFEC verdict, which is now expected in mid-February at the earliest. So, with all these delays and further delays, we can all go back to watching the cyclo-cross for now.

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  • Jim Kendall

    Yet another cyclist, Danish, blood tested positive for banned muscle builder Clenbuterol:
    “I can safely say that I have not taken the substance knowingly. I have been fully aware of the team’s values and philosophy” which the team has always turned to ” any kind of doping is cheating and not under any circumstances acceptable,” Nielsen said on the Danish cycling site.
    The irony: that anyone with half a grain of sense should know that this guy, and Alberto Contador of Spain, are speaking the truth. Neither of these guys is so stupid as to risk the ruination of a $-multi-million career by taking such an overly-easily-detected banned substance. It’s an illegal substance in the cattle industry, but still in use. You’re a world-hopping champion cyclist; you can’t go into a restaurant & know-for-sure the meat isn’t contaminated with Clenbuterol…!
    The “Gotta Love It”: here the cycling world is ripped-apart for months now debating the guilt/innocence of Contador; to where they’re so late with the verdict, he may not have time to enter this year’s Tour de France. And @ the 11th-hour (as they are about to decide…) along comes this Danish cyclist with precisely the-same-circumstance-and-statement! If the big guns in the industry don’t “take the hint” & exonerate Contador, they’re total MORONS.
    Contador has already – shouting his obvious innocence – said that if he is given the 2-year penalty, that he’ll not return to the sport. And I wouldn’t blame him. Maybe this case will wake up the officials to the vulnerability of their tests.

  • Hadyn Bosher @ 78 in Thailand

    “RIGHT ON” barry,I take it you are the same cyclo cross davies,,i remember you well.I know why they keep voting for him ,and i think you do???IT STINKS.

  • barry davies

    there comes a time when certain cycling federations need to get rid of this fool. either that or the pro teams need to set up there own organisation as in Formula 1, just like the pro racing was in the UK in the 70’s. Why do BC keep voting for him ??

  • mikeg

    UCI and McQuaid in particular were never top class cyclists and have brought the same level of incompetence to their administration. They should all disappear and let someone who wants to improve bike racing, not destroy it, take charge.

  • Hadyn Bosher @ 78 in Thailand

    No comment from me needed.Dick and Dave have said it all !! It’s mindbogling, and to know they are ruuuuuuuuuuuuuning our sport.SHOCKING.It’s as bad as Fifa but i’m not a football fan.

  • davie

    UCI caught out in more lies and evasions, what case needs to be evaluated etc . Contador broke the rules therefore a suspension is mandatory so why the delays.
    Get rid of the UCI as they are a bunch of idiots who seem unable to govern the sport.

  • Dick Turpin

    Nail hit squarely on head Baz. Hopefully McQuaid will be required to explain his comments in a manner that actually makes sense, as this appears murkier by the day and his own comments have just made the situation worse.

    The in-tray excuse doesn’t wash – you’d figure that the UCI staff would have pinged a message to the President’s BlackBerry the moment the package from the RFEC was received. The idea that it can have been in their possession – and under evaluation – for a month without him knowing is either inconcievable, or, a suggestion that something is very wrong with the internal structures of the governing body, or, come to that, its top man.

    Given how much the credibility of the sport hinges on the transparency of the processes surrounding Contador, this isn’t anywhere near good enough.

  • Baz

    Sunday 9 Jan – “We’ve had nothing from the Spanish Federation” says McQuaid.

    Mon 10 Jan – ‘UCI admits it had documentation on Contador case since early December’.

    It’s difficult to have much faith in the UCI; is the top man up to the job? Or are there hidden agendas within the organisation ? Maybe Pat simply needs to check his ‘in’ tray from time to time.