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Overall rating:

Score 7


  • Greater foot stability than previous model
  • Reduced cleat wear
  • Low weight
  • Well priced


  • Pedal body doesn't swing freely
  • Bearing wear


Look Keo 2 Max pedals


Price as reviewed:


It was pleasing to use the Keo 2 Max first time out, and immediately be able to notice the extra stability and secure feel offered by the larger platform, and subsequent increase in surface area contact for the cleat. A definite plus over the old Keo. Also, the previous flaw, that the cleat caused wear directly on the pedal body, has been successfully addressed by adding a stainless steel plate.

All good so far, but several hundreds of miles later, I can’t help feeling that the bearings are suffering more than the Looks of old, despite the claims of improved seals.

We wouldn’t argue that the seals seem to have been upgraded – there’s noticeably more drag on the axle – but moisture still seems able to penetrate, causing rough bearings, and frustratingly the pedal body doesn’t swing as freely, sometimes making clipping in as you pedal quite tricky. Maybe not so much a problem for racers, but not great if you’re commuting and clipping out here, there and everywhere.


We like the price and weight (130g per pedal) plus the simple way of adjusting Q factor, with washers and a longer threaded portion, although we suspect for many the latter won't be in the purchasing criteria.


Supplier:Fisher Outdoor Leisure, 01727 798345,
  • ed

    i used these for about 100km the bearings started to squeak, got the pedals replaced under warranty
    tried them again and a tendon injury flared up went back to my old keo classics and no problem now have a spare pair of useless pedals
    so much for bigger platforms and the cleat squeaks against the steel insert on the platform

    complete waste of time and money and contriburted to an injury – not good

  • neilt73

    i agree totally had these about 1 month now and much prefer my old spd’s as these are a bloody nuisance to clip in to!