The indoor bike that maintains my sanity is on offer at the lowest price we've ever seen

Save $1,150 on the Stages SB20 and enjoy hassle free indoor cycling forevermore

Stages SB20 smart bike on the left, Michelle Arthurs Brennan on the right riding the SB20 smart bike
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I am the mother to a one-year-old, and editor of Cycling Weekly online, and the Stages SB20 is my lifeline when it comes to getting the fitness fix I need to maintain my mental and physical health, without hassle or fuss. 

This super adjustable, training app compatible, highly accurate and robust indoor bike has always been a rather pricey option at $3,149.99, but we've just spotted the bike is currently available at just $1,999.99 from Backcountry. That's a massive 37% off - the cheapest price we've ever seen this model retail for. 

USA: was $3,149.99

Stages SB20 Smart Indoor Bike

USA: was $3,149.99, now $1,999.99 at Backcountry

The Stages SB20 is one of the most adjustable Smart Bikes on the market, being able to accommodate riders from 4’-10” to 6’-10”. The cranks allow you to select four lengths between 165 and 175mm and the dual sided power meter provides readings accurate to ±1.5%.

It's generally understood that the first year as a parent is hectic. Regardless of your family and/or working situation, the same applies: if you're going to invest in an indoor bike, you want it to be standing to attention and ready to go at a moment's notice. No bugs, no glitches, no 'switching it off and on again', no lengthy software updates eating into those valuable free minutes. 

Stages provide exercise bikes for gyms up and down the country, which is why I think the Stages SB20 indoor bike is quite so excellent. Bikes used in commercial gyms need to be able to take a battering, and remain robust, and that's the USP for the SB20, too. 

I've been training at home on the SB20 for 24 months now - nine of them growing the baby from within, 15 nurturing her Earth-side. My training volume has decreased significantly, and when there is time to get a pedal fix, I want to be efficient. 

The Stages SB20 provides resistance via a Gates carbon fiber belt drive. Pedalling feels natural and comfortable, until the climbs ramp up of course - with a maximum virtual incline of 25% more than tough enough. The claimed power accuracy is ±1.5% watts, and I've hooked the bike up alongside Favero Assioma pedals to verify this with impressive, repeatable success. 

The bike connects to apps via ANT+ and Bluetooth, I tend to gravitate towards Zwift's virtual world at the moment, but have been a big fan of Wahoo's Systm in the past. A USB port at the front of the bike lets you charge a device (eg a tablet) as you ride, too. 

(Image credit: Future)

The bike is extremely adjustable, with changes being very easy to make, as well. You can set your pedals up on a 165, 170, 172.5 or 175mm crank length too.

Over the course of two years of use, the SB20 has only once let me down with a power reading/effort mismatch, which was fixed via a Zero Offset Calibration. The only other time the readings seemed off, I soon realised that the crank batteries needed replacing. This was a five minute job, performed whilst making a family dinner, because - like many working parents - juggling is my middle name.

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan the Editor of Cycling Weekly website. An NCTJ qualified traditional journalist by trade, Michelle began her career working for local newspapers. She's worked within the cycling industry since 2012, and joined the Cycling Weekly team in 2017, having previously been Editor at Total Women's Cycling. Prior to welcoming her daughter in 2022, Michelle raced on the road, track, and in time trials, and still rides as much as she can - albeit a fair proportion indoors, for now.