All In Racing and Rapha's rainbow socks support greater LGBTQ+ inclusion in cycling

The new racing initiative has collaborated with the global clothing brand to produce a limited run of rainbow socks in support of #rainbowlaces day

ALL IN racing rapha rainbow socks
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In support of Stonewall’s #rainbowlaces day on 8th December, Rapha has partnered with All In racing to produce a limited run of rainbow socks, encouraging cyclists to help make their sport more inclusive.

The socks are being offered to any riders competing at the Clanfield Cross race on Saturday 11th December held in Clanfield, Hampshire.

All In racing and Rapha hope that this new, independent UCI-level cyclocross event will provide an ideal platform for the racing community to show its support for LGBTQ+ people. Teams including Montezuma’s, Spectra and Tekkerz have already confirmed that they’ll be wearing the socks on race day.

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There’ll also be 120 pairs of socks, based on Rapha’s popular Pro Team model, available to buy via the All In racing website, priced at £10. 

The hope is that rainbow socks will gain traction within the world of cycling just as rainbow laces have in football. Premier League clubs annually lend their support with players wearing the laces during games throughout December. This increased visibility is not lost on Josh Jones, creator of All In Racing.

As a competing amateur in elite road, cyclocross and mountain bike events Jones felt that LGBTQ+ inclusivity in his sport needed addressing, a sentiment supported by Cycling Weekly's May cover feature 'Why is the peloton hiding its true colours?'. 

The initiative, which formally launches in Spring 2022, will work with teams, clubs and brands with the goal of improving LGBTQ+ inclusion in amateur and professional racing.

Meaningful engagement lies at the heart of All In racing’s approach, with the aim of attracting greater participation from this currently underrepresented community as well as providing support for those who are already part of the racing scene.

Alongside the Clanfield Cross event, All In racing will also be hosting a Zwift ride to mark the official rainbow laces day on Wednesday 8th December at 6.30pm GMT. Josh Jones will lead the indoor ride accompanied by journalist Myles Harwood, as they discuss the rainbow socks project as well as the All In racing initiative in general. Participants will be able to ask questions and share their experiences through the Zwift platform and Instagram Live.

For more details on the All In racing and its rainbow socks project visit:

For further information on the Clanfield Cross event, visit:

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