Amalie Dideriksen wins junior women's road race for Denmark

Amalie Dideriksen wins, junior women road race, Road World Championships 2013

Amalie Dideriksen took the junior women's road race world title for Denmark on Friday morning in Italy.

Russian Anastasiia Iakovenko came home for silver, with Ukranian Olena Demydova in third at three seconds for bronze.

British duo Bethany Hayward and Anna Christian placed 20th and 25th, 34 second and 1-59 behind Dideriksen respectively.


Road World Championships 2013: Junior women's road race

1. Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark) in 2-32-23

2. Anastasia Iakovenko (Russia) at same time

3. Olena Demydova (Ukraine) at 3 secs

4. Jessenia Meneses (Colombia) at 18 secs

5. Milda Jankauskaite (Lithuania) at 34 secs


20. Bethany Hayward (Great Britain) at 34 secs

25. Anna Christian (Great Britain) at 1-59

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