Anti-doping agency ITA launches platform for anonymous reporting

Whistleblowers will be able to provide information about doping through the new platform, Reveal

Anti-Doping ITA Reveal
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Anti-doping agency International Testing Agency (ITA), has launched a platform for users to anonymously raise concerns about possible doping use within teams or by riders. 

The platform, Reveal, was created in collaboration with athletes and allows secure and anonymous reporting of relevant information. ITA's Intelligence and Investigation Department will manage any information from tips provided through Reveal, which consists of experts in the legal system, the police, criminology, digital and physical investigations and the intelligence services.

ITA director general Benjamin Cohen said: “The launch of Reveal is an important step for the ITA. 

"Not only does it provide our organisation with a new essential tool which will strengthen our fight for clean sport, it gives the sport and anti-doping community a wider coverage of whistleblowing opportunities. 

"Behind the curtains of Reveal, we are working hand in hand with all involved actors towards the common objective of maintaining the integrity of sport. I invite everyone – athletes, support personnel, coaches, parents, event organisers, officials – to share any doping offence or suspicion with us through Reveal. All persons involved in sport have a responsibility to protect its values of fair play and expose doping abuses they have heard about or seen.”

ITA became the permanent and independent anti-doping organisation working with the UCI at the beginning of 2021. Reveal is intended to increase the effectiveness of its anti-doping programme, with anyone able to share information with the body in a reliable way.

The Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC) also works alongside ITA to ensure doping is dealt with efficiently, and is pleased to see that ITA is taking steps to keep the sport as clean as possible. 

Roger Legeay, MPCC President, said: “The MPCC is proud to see that one of the partners is a leading player in the anti-doping scene.

"We are committed to contributing to the collection of information that can help build the credibility of our sport. The riders, who play the main role in the race, need a way to communicate with the authorities involved.”

Seven of the 18 ProTeams are members of the MPCC, which aims to defend the idea of clean cycling, while also according to the strict code of ethics established by UCI. 

ITA will also work closely with sports federations WADA and NADO to apply shared information. The launch of Reveal is therefore hoped that riders or team officials can share issues of concern anonymously, keeping the sport clean themselves. 

The launch of Reveal comes at a time where there are concerns within the peloton on the issue of ketone usage. Guillaume Martin said he would prefer ketones banned for reasons of fairness, with Arnaud Démare echoing those concerns

Ludvig Wacker, who is retiring at just 21-years-old, also said the level of pills being used by riders he raced against was "ridiculous".

However, Julian Alaphilippe doesn't share the concerns over performance products used in the peloton.

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