CW5000 February challenges: Group rides and a seven-day test

With January ticked off and the end of winter slowly but surely coming into view it’s time to move on to your next two challenges.

CW5000 challenges
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And just like that, January is over and done with. We hope you enjoyed your first two challenges of the year and that they helped you with your mileage through the darkest and often coldest month. Now it's time to move on to your next two challenges as we look forward to winter drawing to a close.

No big mile challenges just yet though, instead we keep a focus on regular rides along with a more sociable challenge. 

>>>>Not yet signed up to the CW5000 challenge? You can do so here.....

As always, we want to know how you're getting on. You can let us, and fellow CW5000ers know about your riding in the private Facebook group, or by emailing us at How did you take on the seven day challenge, and who did you ride with on your group ride? The most entertaining stories are sure to make it into our monthly round-up in a few weeks time.


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1. Ride every day for one week

We know how hard it is for many people to get in long rides at this time of year, so instead the focus of this challenge is to encourage you to ride little and often. Riding every day isn’t easy for everyone, but we’ll accept any ride over 30 minutes for this challenge. Commuting counts, as do indoor or virtual rides, but the week starts on a Monday, so seven days Monday to Sunday is required.

>>>>Join the Wednesday morning Zwift rides (1hr at 2-2.5w/kg)

CW5000 challenges

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2. Take part in a group ride

This challenge was dropped last year when restrictions, which varied quite drastically in different countries, stopped some people from heading out with others. Now group rides are back on (changes to the Highway Code not withstanding), we’d like you to again ride with others. 

Cycling is a wonderfully social activity, and any ride can be made better by completing it with friends. There are several ways of doing this, you could organise a ride yourself, or join a club or group ride near you. We will accept virtual group rides, including the CW5000 Wednesday morning ride.

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