The April issue of Cycling Active is in the shops tomorrow and as usual it’s packed full of news, reviews and advice on bikes and all aspects of cycling.

● Gary Brennan is our main man this month, having refused a gastric band and shed 26 stone to cure himself of several life-threatening obesity-related diseases – all with the help of his bicycle.

● We look at how cycling can improve your love-life and how it doesn’t deserve all the bad press it gets about holding men back in the ‘downstairs’ department.

● A commuter makes her first journey to work by bike; we join in as she gets into the swing of it.

● Bikes, bikes, bikes – £1000 road machines and 29’er mtbs tested for the first time, also.

● Spring into spring, with loads of tips to get going for 2011; we test essential spring items legwarmers and oversocks to stave off the chill.

● April & May events you need to be entering.

● Incredible but true; how to go faster for no extra effort. It’s all in the fitness pages.

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