Cycling Legends: Lance Armstrong - Order now

Not all legends are good ones. This edition of our Cycling Legends ‘big reads’ series charts the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong. Some will question why we have done it, why not consign Armstrong’s story to the waste bin? The answer is it can’t be, he can’t be air-brushed out of cycling history because he is as much a part of it as any other top racer. He also helped shape it more than most, even though that wasn’t his purpose. That was winning, and winning became his obsession, then his master.

In some ways Lance Armstrong and late 1990s men’s pro road cycling were made for each other. Doping had been a factor for a long time, but the use of doping products and procedures escalated throughout the 1990s, especially among those contending for victory in the Grand Tours. It wasn’t everybody, but there were a good few.

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