'Extra' charges for London 2012 road race and time trials

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Olympic organisers LOCOG have today confirmed that they will charge for tickets to both Box Hill for the Olympic Games road races on July 28 and 29 and at Hampton Court for the time trials on August 1.

Tickets for the Donkey Green area of Box Hill will be available for £15 for adults and £5 for young people and seniors and those for the 'Dormouse Drive' area will be £10 for adults and £5 for young people and seniors. 

LOCOG have also announced that two viewing areas for the time trial will be ticketed, priced at £15 or £5 for area 'A' and £10 and £5 for area 'B.'

All tickets will be available for purchase through the official ticketing website from May 29. 

"LOCOG has confirmed that new tickets will go on sale from 29 May 2012, which will help more people get to the Games," said an official press release. 

Nevertheless the move will undoubtedly cause outrage amongst fans and cyclists who

originally believed that the Olympic road cycling events would be free

to watch.

LOCOG also confirmed that a further batch of tickets has been made available for those who missed out on tickets in the first and second rounds of sales. 

The 20,000 who missed out on both rounds will have an exclusive 31 hour window to buy tickets before those who missed out on the first round only, around one million people, will have a window of five days. 

4,000 tickets for the track cycling along with 6,000 for the mountain biking, 2,000 for the BMX and 1,000 for the Mall during the road races will be available from May 14. 

Olympic cycling events: Tickets timeline

May 11, 11am: Tickets for 20,000 applicants who missed out on rounds one and two of the initial ticket application. These include:

4,000 track cycling tickets (Velodrome)

6,000 mountain bike tickets (Hadleigh Farm)

2,000 BMX tickets (BMX track)

1,000 road race tickets (The Mall)

May 12, 6pm: Window closes for initial 20,000 applicants

May 14, 11am: Unsold tickets for track cycling are available for unsuccessful applicants in round one.

May 17, 11am: Unsold tickets for BMX, mountain bike and road races are available for unsuccessful applicants in round one.

May 29: Road race and time trial tickets available.

Road races: 15,000 tickets available for Zig Zag Road, Box Hill.

Donkey Green: £15 full price, £5 young people and seniors

Dormouse Drive: £10 full price, £5 young people and seniors

Time trials: Viewing areas at Hampton Court

'Viewing Area A': £15 full price, £5 young people and seniors

'Viewing Area B': £10 full price, £5 young people and seniors

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