Get a Black Friday power meter bundle to take your training up a gear

4iii power meter and heart rate monitor should have you set for quality training

Buying a power meter is not like buying a new aero wheelset: you won’t automatically shave off seconds for the outlay. However, used correctly, this is a purchase that could completely transform your riding.

Thankfully, there’s some Black Friday deals around to help bring down the cost of the investment – such as this offer on the 4iii crank arm. You get the unit, plus a premium heart rate monitor, for £259.99.

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>>> Buy now: 4iii Precision 2.0 3D power meter 105 5800 for £259.99  (was £379) with FREE £79.99 heart rate monitor at Pro Bike Kit 

Is it a power meter we’d recommend? Well, we gave the  last 4iii power meter we tested a 9/10 on review, so it seems like a safe bet.



The power meter itself weighs just 9 grams, and sits on the inner side of a standard Shimano 105 crank arm. Being a single sided PM, the 4iii will measure power produced by one leg, and double it to get your overall.

Accuracy is promised to +/- 1%, and it’s all powered by a 2032 coin-cell battery which should last for over 100 hours. ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity are a given and there’s an accompanying app to help you out with the set up.

The free heart rate monitor is worth £79.99 – and pairing heart rate data with power can really help you to understand how much strain the output if putting on your body, so you can identify a boost or drop in form by the correlation.

If crank based isn’t up your street, Wiggle also has 21% off the PowerTap Power Pedals P2. We awarded the P1’s a near perfect 9/10 on review.

This dual sided power meter option also allows you to track pedal stroke metrics such as left/right balance, they use AAA batteries and the pair weighs in at 398g.

Accuracy is +/- 1.5%, and batteries should last 80 hours – a big increase on the previous P1 iteration.

We’ll be adding more Black Friday deals all weekend, so do keep checking back!