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We recently came across the story of Alex Tindal, a 16-year-old cyclist who suffered life-changing injuries while on a club ride earlier this year.

Alex joined in January 2013 and quickly became a keen and popular member. Then, in the summer, while out on a regular Saturday morning club ride Alex appeared to lose control of his bike on a downhill corner. He crashed through a hedge and into a field.

Alex, still wearing his helmet, was unconscious while his clubmates cared for him waiting for medical help to arrive. Eventually he was air lifted to Southampton General Hospital.

Alex was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm with multiple bleeds. Although tests have been inconclusive it appears the aneurysm may have happened before the crash, and actually been the cause of Alex losing control of his bike. The accident also left Alex with a broken left clavicle, broken right knee and compound fractures to his spine.

Alex was in a coma for around three weeks and on a ventilator for longer. Since then he has made some progress. In late August he was able to sit in a chair again; in mid-October he said his first word since the accident - "Mum"; and at the start of November he was able to eat normally once more. However, he remains partially paralysed on one side and will need constant help in the years to come.

It will take around two years to see how complete Alex's mental and physical recovery will be. In the near future, though, Alex and his family will need to move to a specially adapted house with wheelchair access and lifting equipment.

They will also need a new car to transport him. Under the Motability Scheme, Alex will be entitled to lease a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle under the Motability Scheme. However, all new WAVs require an advance payment to adapt the vehicle to Alex's specific needs. So the Alex Tindal Recovery Fund has been created initially to raise the £5,000 needed to cover the WAV advance payment. Anything left over will be then used for any other items that will assist in Alex on his road to recovery.

Although Alex is still in hospital right now, his family are hoping he'll be home in time for Christmas.

To find out more about Alex and find out how to make a donation, visit his page on the i-Team website.

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