Australian designer floats concept of a helmet with a licence plate

In the latest futuristic cycling innovation to come out of Australia, designer Toby King presents a helmet with a number plate as the solution to licensing cyclists.

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As politicians in New South Wales, Australia, consider plans to license cyclists, an opportunistic designer has submitted his ideas for a helmet with a number plate on it.

With helmet use compulsory Down Under, Toby King’s design would double up as a cycling safety device, with a host of lights and warnings alerting the cyclist to danger.

The ‘smart hat’ includes a speaker to warn the cyclist when they are riding too close to pedestrians, as well as a visor with its own wiper and mirrors installed.

Smart Hat 3

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smart hat 1

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King presented his concept to Mosman Council, saying: “This is a concept for better road safety. It is not a product or a business, it is a concept design,” he said.

“There are not many features on the current helmets that makes them safe.”

It’s the latest futuristic design to come out of Australia, coming after the X-wing-style handlebars created by 4DESIGN with the help of 2011 Tour de France winner Cadel Evans and Oakley.

Source: Telegraph (Australia)

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