Nik Bowdler

An unfamiliar name took the British Best All-Rounder competition this year. Farnborough & Camberley CC?s Nik Bowdler topped the 2008 table after 13 years of steady progression, beating nine-time former winner Ian Cammish.

We confessed to not knowing much about Bowdler when we spoke to him. ?Not many people do!? said the 39-year-old from Guildford, before explaining his time trialling history.

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Nik Bowdler (Farnborough & Camberley CC)1-39-023-37-52289.8427.329
I. Cammish (Planet-X)1-40-263-37-42283.6827.024
C. Ruebotham (Team Swift Allsports)1-41-403-43-39283.5926.656
P. Smith (PCA Ciclos Uno)1-42-373-46-58288.3126.565
A. Bason (Wrekinsport CC)1-44-263-44-13283.5826.373
K. Platts (Cambridge CC)1-42-363-46-34280.2926.360
B. Johnston (Sportscover Spiuk)1-46-383-41-32280.0726.186
D. Lubin (PCA Ciclos Uno)1-44-323-48-36281.6226.138
J. Wainman (Team Swift Allsports)1-46-003-40-24267.9525.951
J. Morgan (Preston Whs)1-44-303-47-59271.4225.881
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Lynn Hamel (
L. Taylor (Walsall Roads CC)55-501-56-314-03-4725.742
A. Swan (MI Racing)56-081-53-324-09-4425.724
C. Ella (Lincoln Whs CC)56-401-57-034-10-3725.347
R. Dorrington (Team Swift Allsports)57-121-57-204-07-4325.338
R. Eyles (Beacon Roads CC)56-151-55-064-19-0325.298
C. Lee (
J. Wilson-Young (Edinburgh RC)58-551-55-514-27-2124.599
C. Essex (Kings Lynn CC)58-342-01-584-17-3324.502
M. Avres (South Bucks RC)58-491-59-014-25-0424.448

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