Conservative MP suffers broken hand after being doored while cycling in Bournemouth

Tobias Ellwood was taken to hospital following the incident

A Bournemouth MP suffered a broken hand after being doored while cycling through the seaside town centre.

Tobias Ellwood, the Conservative MP who gave CPR to police officer Keith Palmer during the terrorist attack on Parliament on 2017, was taken to hospital after he came off his bike, saying a car passenger opened their door as he approached a set of traffic lights.

Ellwood was thrown over the door and left with a broken hand as well as an injured knee. Emergency services were called at around 1pm, with the road where the incident took place blocked for around 40 minutes.

The MP told the Bournemouth Echo: “I was riding down Holdenhurst Road. The traffic light was on red so I rode to the front. A car passenger opened their door and I went over the door, trapping my hand.”

Police have said it is currently “not clear” if any other vehicles were involved in the collision, and that they will “be taking no further action at the moment”.

In 2016, the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling knocked a cyclist off his bike outside Parliament after opening his ministerial car’s door as it sat in traffic outside the Palace of Westminster.

The MP said it was an “unfortunate accident” and while the cyclist was unharmed, his bike sustained damage to its wheel, brakes and lights.