CTC seeks full charitable status to expand cycling promotion

The UK’S largest national cyclists’ organisation,  CTC, is looking forward to even greater expansion  when it converts the whole organisation into a membership charity, subject to  approval at next year’s agm in May.

The club is presently split into the CTC Charitable Trust and the Cyclists’ Touring Club.

CTC Chief Executive Kevin Mayne welcomed recent changes in law which permit this, saying:  “It means that that the CTC can now apply for charitable funding to cover much of the work we have always done, putting bums on bikes, to improve health and for transport.”

At present, the CTC’s work  promoting cyclists’ rights and  encouraging cycling across a wide range of diverse communities, is reliant on receiving government grants.

Chair of CTC Council David Robinson said: “Under changes in the Charities Act 2006, many of our founding and historic activities can now be deemed as charitable. We are calling on our members to give a resounding vote in favour at our AGM, so we can go forward as a cyclists’ charity and achieve even more. We’ll also qualify for Gift Aid so members will be able to donate even more money to our campaigning and development work, without having to pay any extra.”

The club has enjoyed its most successful year in its 131-year history, with membership growing to 63,000.

Campaigning for improved road safety has been at the core of CTC strategy since they were formed in 1878 –  forerunners of the RAC and AA.

In 2009 the CTC  convinced the government to at last accept that the more people who cycle the safer cycling becomes. And to adopt a new target to halve the risks of cycling over the next decade as part of the government’s draft Road Safety Strategy.

This was demanded in the CTC’s New Vision for Cycling, which majors on the “Safety in Numbers” report, launched in parliament by CTC president, Jon Snow, the TV news reporter.

Snow also launched the CTC Campaign, Stop SMIDSY – “Sorry mate, I didn’t see  you” – to stop bad driving.

Mayne said: “CTC remains the largest cycling organisation in the UK. We’ve just wrapped up our financial year and, despite the credit crunch, we are looking stronger than ever. More people than ever have decided to join CTC and support the work we do. The more members we have, the more we can do to improve cycling across the UK.”

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