Which type of bike should you own? Here's how to find out…

This week's quiz helps you decide on what kind of bike suits you

With spring hopefully not far away, it's once again time to find out what kind of bike you should* own with this very helpful, not-ver-scientific quiz.

The outcomes vary from pro team super bike to bargain first ride, but they've all got two wheels and will all get you out in the fresh air on a Saturday morning.

Most importantly, the difference between the top £10 grand machine and the £500 steal will not make up for the difference between riding and staying on the sofa.

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Are you one for all modern technology and super light components or do you prefer traditional steel frames and downtube shifting?

The modern peloton and even amateur club runs are rife with expensive bikes and up to the minute build materials, but these bikes aren't for everyone. Pay enough attention on your weekend ride and you'll see perfectly maintained team bikes from the 70s being ridden with respectful enthusiasm.

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You'll probably also spot fitter cyclists on budget rides overtaking the once a fortnight brigade on their pro-team-branded race machines. Whatever they're riding, they'll probably all be smiling.

There's no real science to this cycling quiz, and a purchase probably shouldn't be made off the back of the outcome, it's just a bit of fun to see which camp you fall into.

As always, you can let us know which bike you came out with on Facebook and Twitter, and don't forget to share the quiz to see which bikes suit your friends.

*You should own whatever bike you want really, just make sure you ride it!

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Henry Robertshaw began his time at Cycling Weekly working with the tech team, writing reviews, buying guides and appearing in videos advising on how to dress for the seasons. He later moved over to the news team, where his work focused on the professional peloton as well as legislation and provision for cycling. He's since moved his career in a new direction, with a role at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.