10 riders you're bound to see on every club run in the New Year

No doubt, everyone reading will fall into one of these rider types themselves...

(Credit: Jesse Wild)
(Image credit: Jesse Wild/Cycling Weekly)

The cycling club. A place for all types of riders to come together on a Sunday and enjoy a relaxing ride in the company of their fellow bike lovers. And it's likely you'll encounter at least one of these every week.

1. The navigator


A handy visualisation of map reading in case you weren't sure
(Image credit: Jesse Wild)

Traditionally a role that falls on a veteran member of the club, seeing how they've ridden every one of the routes at least 200 times. Even with the advent of GPS devices, there's probably a designated set of ride leaders to take on map duties, who can be divided into two categories: willing and reluctant.

Either way, they're essential. Mostly because they know where the cafe is.

2. The Strava addict

Strava prove it t-shirt

You've got nothing to prove here, mate

Love it or hate it, Strava isn't going anywhere. And neither are those KOM/QOM hunters.

To the rest of the Strava lovers, you're only cheating yourself by riding in the slipstream before going hell-for-leather on a designated segment. To the rest of your club mates, you're the guy constantly jumping off the front and ramping up the pace, much to the annoyance of those just looking for a jovial morning spin.

Save it for the solo rides.

3. The wheel sucker

Alba Rosa club-ride-1

You can't hide back there

You haven't paid anything, but this isn't a free ride.

4. The café hunter


Off the road, into the cafe. The best bit for some. (Credit: Jesse Wild)
(Image credit: Jesse Wild/Cycling Weekly)

The cycling club equivalent of kids in the back of the car repeating "are we there yet?"

Asking every 5km if that cafe up the road is the stop can get grinding, but there's always the potential they'll be so happy when they finally reach it, that they'll buy you a flapjack.

5. The half-wheeler

£3k bike test

This was originally a group of 50 until someone started half-wheeling.
(Image credit: Chris Catchpole)

The not too distant cousin of the Strava addict. This habit won't make you very popular with the people floundering out the back. Clubs generally hold dedicated training sessions for those looking to race, so keep a lid on it until then.

6. The never enough rider


Shouldn't have done those hill reps before hand.
(Image credit: rupert fowler)

"But we've only done 130km?!"

They may or may not also turn-up to the start and talk about having ridden 60km to get there.

7. The mechanic


The mechanic. Not just a mediocre Jason Statham movie from 2011.
(Image credit: Andy Jones)

Like to show their inner tube changing speed on any wheel going, and you might as well let them.

Also enjoy passing on their infinite wisdom about how you're using the wrong gears, you could be a bit more efficient in your pedalling and what your next wheel upgrade should be.

8. Legs

Cyclist in shorts

Guns out doesn't necessarily mean sun's out (Andy Jones)

Simply bare legs whatever the weather, likely to make the majority of well-layered riders feel extremely cold. 

9. The always late rider


This is what waiting looks like. (Credit: Jesse Wild)
(Image credit: Jesse Wild/Cycling Weekly)

Try telling only them that ride starts at 8.45 when it really starts at 9. Their sixth sense for lateness will probably leave you waiting til 9.20 anyway.

10. The 'hard' rider


Leave the big rings to Roger (Credit: Yuzuru Sunada)

Just because you're riding a 54x42 chainset around the South Downs, it doesn't make you Roger De Vlaeminck.

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