Which type of cyclist are you? Find out here

Answer these very unscientific questions in this week's cycling quiz to find out which kind of cyclist you really are

(Image credit: Andy Jones)

With Spring finally threatening to make an appearance in between the rain and snow that just doesn't seem to want to leave, we're once again setting out to discover which type of cyclist you are.

It's just for fun, and we've put together this cycling quiz to find out just which camp you really fall in to.

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Above all, everyone should ride what they want, dress however they want, and do so as much as humanly possible. But it's well known that there are different tribes within the wider community that is collectively known as 'cyclists'.

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Unfortunately, there are fringe elements to the wider collective that shun or actively dislike those they see as different. But there's no room for that kind of attitude here.

This quiz isn't about snobbery, finger-pointing or anything that hints at exclusivity - just a light-hearted look at what being a cyclist means to different people.

Have a go at the quiz and let us know on Twitter and Facebook which group you most identify with - and definitely let us know if you think we've got you all wrong. Then move away from the keyboard and get back on the bike.

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Jack Elton-Walters hails from the Isle of Wight, and would be quick to tell anyone that it's his favourite place to ride. He has covered a varied range of topics for Cycling Weekly, producing articles focusing on tech, professional racing as well as cycling culture. He moved on to work for Cyclist Magazine in 2017 where he stayed for four years until going freelance. He now returns to Cycling Weekly from time-to-time to cover racing and write longer features for print and online. He is not responsible for misspelled titles on box outs