Cyclist fined after being clocked riding 41mph in Richmond Park

Rory Palmer apologised to police at the time, and was fined £65 by Wimbledon Magistrates Court for his speeding offence in Richmond Park

Anyone who’s ever visited Richmond Park in south west London will know that it is a Mecca for cyclists, creating friction between riders, car drivers and pedestrians.

Cyclist Rory Palmer, however, decided to skip the traffic jams by overtaking the cars in one part of the park at 41mph in January, Wimbledon Magistrates Court heard on Tuesday.

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The speed limit for cars and bikes is 20mph, but Palmer, who lives in Shepherds Bush, exceeded this by double on January 2 as he sped through the royal park.

As reported in the Wandsworth Guardian, Palmer was travelling from the direction of the Richmond Gate and overtaking cars when he was caught by officers using a speed measuring device.

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When stopped, Palmer reportedly told officers that he knew he was speeding down Sawyers Hill and apologised.

Mutahir Ahmed, defending, told the Magistrates Court: “Cycling is his hobby and he understands how dangerous it was. It was a windy day and he was coming down the hill. He did realise at the time he was going above 20mph but did not have a speedometer.”

Palmer was fined £65, with a £20 surcharge, and was ordered to pay £65 in court costs.