Cyclist nearly taken out by London bus (video)

Cycling Weekly reader Andy Gramson sent in this video of his near miss with a London bus as the driver sped past him at a pinch point.

Buses regularly draw the ire of cyclists on London’s roads, but after seeing the video that Andy Gramson sent to CW you can see the danger some drivers can pose.

In the video above Mr Gramson can be seen cycling to work in the city in a designated cycle lane when a double-decker bus speeds past him at a pinch point by a pedestrian crossing.

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According to Mr Gramson, the incident happened at around 08.30 on November 5 on the A206 Woolwich Road towards Greenwich.

“Your driver proceeded to pass me at a pinch point due to a pedestrian bollard crossing point,” he said in an email to TfL. “Traffic at this time of the morning is not progressing very fast and he had to stop within a matter of seconds, so no point in passing me – he could have waited.”

In response to Mr Gramson’s email, TfL said: “Poor driving or driving without due care is simply unacceptable. I’ve made London Central, the company that runs this route, aware of your concerns. The driver will be identified and appropriate action will be taken.”