Dr. Hutch: The thankless task of organising the Tour of Britain

With over 250,000 miles of Great British roads to choose from, and even more nitpicking fans to keep happy, the Tour of Britain’s route man has the most thankless job in cycling, reckons the Doc

Do you want to know what the most thankless task in cycling is? I’ll give you a clue. It’s not that of the man who drove Lance Armstrong’s stash round France for seven long, hot summers and in return didn’t even get an invitation to ride in the VIP car at the 100th Tour celebrations last summer.

It’s not even being the man who had the task last weekend of opening the car boot and removing Bradley Wiggins’s blindfold and gag at the start line of the Tour of Flanders.

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Michael Hutchinson is a writer, journalist and former professional cyclist. As a rider he won multiple national titles in both Britain and Ireland and competed at the World Championships and the Commonwealth Games. He was a three-time Brompton folding-bike World Champion, and once hit 73 mph riding down a hill in Wales. His Dr Hutch columns appears in every issue of Cycling Weekly magazine