Fans nominate the Tour de France rules they would add, change or scrap

Bike weight limits, radios, green jersey, unruly fans – all ripe for a Tour de France rule change, say some fans

(Image credit: ASO/Alex Broadway)

This year's Tour de France was not without its controversy and confusion surrounding the rules – with some saying it's time for the regulations to get an overhaul.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers nominate the Tour de France rules they like to see changed, and we present a selection of answers, in association with B'Twin.

What Tour de France rule would you add, change or scrap? Let us know in the comment section below

For me, it would be scrapping the weight limit — this would bring the technology forward in developing lighter and stiffer frames. As we saw with Alberto Contador this year, he needed 400 grams of ballast to meet the weight limit.

Oli George

Team radios between riders only. No strategy calls from the car. No live data from power meters so they can only access it after the stage. Get rid of the rules on not being allowed to take on bidons near the end.

David Fuller

Major Tour sponsors should not be allowed to have a team competing in the race. Sponsor or team, but not both. Currently it’s too easy to influence the commissaire.

Barry Jackson

Every rider has a piece in their ear which has Sean Kelly’s commentary played through it. Every time Kelly says the word ‘Yes’ the riders have to take a 25ml shot of French dessert wine.

Dominic Evans

Get rid of the vacuous podium girls.

Sarah Bentley

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Riders should be given the same time as the group they’re in after 3km to go, whether there’s a crash or not. Then they can drop off and not get in the way of the sprinters’ teams at the finish.

Shaun Ricketts

The green jersey goes to the person with the most stage wins. I find it unfortunate how the green jersey rarely goes to the fastest sprinter.

Daniel van Driel

No special favours for the yellow jersey, say some fans (Photo: Sunada)
(Image credit: Yuzuru Sunada)

Two rules to add: the person who wins the most stages would win the Tour overall. Second, ban unwritten rules. If the maillot jaune has a mechanical, it’s then up to him to catch up if other riders decide to attack/break away.

Dave Black

All motorised vehicles following the race must be electric or at the very least hybrids. This would be better for the riders’ health and show that the Tour de France and cycling in general is leading the way in climate initiatives.

Philip Carter

I would do something to improve crowd control.

John Cordell

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Drive a big snowplough truck just ahead of the riders on mountain stages.

Michael Klapperich

Get rid of the rule where if a French rider gets caught feeding in the last 20km he isn’t punished, but any other nationality is given a time penalty — it’s a bit unfair.

James Stringer

Just one rule to add: any stretch of road with an average gradient above six per cent for over one kilometre must contain at least two cobbled sections.

Thomas Willingham

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