New cycling film celebrates Middle Aged Men in Lycra (video)

Watch the trailer to a film that promises to be "an enjoyable and sometimes hilarious romp through the secret world of men and masculinity"

MAMIL film.
(Image credit: MAMIL)

A new documentary film has been released that celebrates what it is to be a MAMIL - middle aged men in Lycra.

MAMIL explores how cycling has brought together people from a wide range of backgrounds in a shared love of cycling. It features riders from Britain, Australia, the USA, New Zealand, France and Spain talking about what cycling brings to their life.

Several cycling clubs come under focus in the movie, including the Adelaide Fat Boys (Australia), Altoona Road Riders (Des Moines, USA) and MAMIL Sports (Nottingham, UK).

"These are middle-aged, middle-class men with careers, families and mortgages," says the film's website.

"They are never going to win the Tour de France – yet they spend a huge amount of time, money and energy on cycling. Why is it so important to own the best bike and all the right gear? What compels them to choose long hours on the road over time with the family?

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"This light-hearted, yet insightful, feature length documentary explores the secret lives of MAMILs in their natural habitat through interviews with experts interwoven with MAMIL stories set around the world."

"MAMIL is an enjoyable and sometimes hilarious romp through the secret world of men and masculinity; that also explores the things that men are reluctant to talk about."

The 98-minute film was made by Nickolas Bird and Eleanor Sharpe from Adelaide, Australia. Well-known cycling commentator Phil Liggett provides the film's commentary.

MAMIL was screened again at the Adelaide Film Festival on Wednesday, October 11, and is available for screening in cinemas via Demand Film.