Garmin Connect is down and the internet is going mental

People on Twitter aren't reacting well to the fact that Garmin Connect is currently down for maintenance

Who would have thought that a little technical problem with Garmin Connect would cause so many people so much grief?

Connect has been down for much of Thursday, with the guys at Garmin working their fingers to the bone trying to get it working again, but that doesn’t seem to appease dedicated Garmin users.

All around the world, people are unable to upload their data immediately after their ride or run – although some people are simply using the down time as an excuse to have a rest day.

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As usual, Twitter is the go-to place to vent your frustration with the inconvenience caused by the connectivity outage. Here are a few of the tweets that sum up the situation well.

Remember guys, you can still exercise without your Garmin (other products are available), and a short wait before uploading your data probably won’t kill you. Still, it’s nice not to have to take that risk…