Garmin launches Vivosmart HR activity tracker with Edge integration

Garmin’s new Vivosmart HR monitors heart rate at the wrist and integrates with Edge bike computers and smartphones

Vivosmart HR is water resistant and has a battery life of up to five days

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The Vivosmart HR is a wrist-based all-purpose activity tracker with a battery life of up to five days, which will track your overall activity levels. The unit is waterproof to 50m, so it can be used by multisport athletes and triathletes too. As well as monitoring sleep duration and pattern and counting steps taken, it also tracks heart rate without needing a chest strap.

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It uses heart rate data to calculate calories used during exercise and quantify exercise intensity. In addition, it will connect to Garmin’s Edge bike computers, so it can be used to track your heart rate when cycling and display it on the Edge, without need of a heart rate strap. And if you use a Garmin Virb camera, the Vivosmart can be used as a remote to control its activity.

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Vivosmart HR monitors total calories burned based on heart rate

Vivosmart HR monitors total calories burned based on heart rate

The Vivosmart HR also couples via Bluetooth with compatible smartphones. This allows it to vibrate and display information when you receive an e-mail, text or phone call. As well as telling the time, it also monitors periods of inactivity, such as when you have spent a prolonged period sitting at your desk, and notify you that you should move around.

Vivosmart HR also monitors sleep patterns

Vivosmart HR also monitors sleep patterns

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Data can be automatically synced from the Vivofit to Garmin Connect, allowing you to set fitness goals and track activity against them, over and above those recorded on an Edge. The Vivosmart HR will also suggest attainable daily activity goals.

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As such, it’s more of an overall activity tracker than a cycling-specific device, but its ability to integrate with the Edge and the Virb action camaera is likely to make it attractive to cyclists looking for a better overview of their complete spectrum of activity.

Priced at 119.99, the Vivosmart HR will be on sale from November 2015 and available in three colours.

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