How to get good at climbing if you don’t live near any hills (video)

Ever wanted to simulate the feeling of gravity pulling you back down a mountain? Well this is one way of doing it... Read on for the rest of our cycling video round-up

We can’t all live in the Alps or the Pyrénées, but plenty of us like to visit mountainous areas. Finding enough hills in the UK, especially ones long enough to really test yourself, can be difficult.

Well, the rider in this video has come up with a way of simulating the feeling that gravity is drawing you back to the core of the earth as you huff and puff your way up a famous col.

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We’re not encouraging this strange technique, that’s your choice at your own risk, but it certainly looks better than riding round with your brakes on.

Rider celebrates a lap early in the German National Championships

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a rider celebrate too early, but the culprit might at least trie to style it out (with limited success). Not this time though.

Attacking for what he thinks is finish line glory, Martin Gluth throws his arm in the air in (false) triumph and even starts checking out the stats on his Garmin.

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The rider who came over in second reacts the best, slapping his head in disbelief.

Don’t know your yellow jersey from your intermediate sprint?

This Tour de France beginner’s guide can help new comers and old hands alike as the biggest race in the world kicks off on Saturday July 2.

Everyone’s Tour prep is different

André Greipel is rightly expected to win a few stages of the Grand Boucle, especially after his strong performance at the 2015 Tour de France.

Now something of a tradition, the German sprinter has released this year’s pre-race song. It’s probably just as well he’s so good at riding a bike.

Historic cyclocross

It might be summer (although it barely feels like it), but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate this old footage of a snowy cyclocross race.

Rather them than me!

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