Some important things that cycling currently does not have enough of

For some cyclists, the current cycling world is not quite perfect: so the question is, what is it lacking?

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what they thought that cycling currently does not have enough of.

Here we present a selection of their answers.

Not enough coverage of the women's cycling – although at least there is reasonably good coverage of the Tour de Yorkshire.

John Tempest

Education of the general public regarding road safety, what road tax actually is and why many club riders already have insurance.

Daniel Leverton

Ladies over 60. Because we can be a weird mix of badass and genteel.

Sue Woollatt

Honest people who have forgotten what cycling is about. Clubs showing riders how to ride and respect each other and the sport. Oh, and camera footage from riders showing close passes who are riding like complete d***s themselves and generally have themselves to blame for riding in a manner that is only really going to end in tears... yeah, we need more of them.

Paul Morton

Free bikes for everyone.

Ollie Claydon

A good salary for the riders compared to other sports.

Jaime Bedoya

Down-to-earth people. You don't need an ultra-expensive bike. If you choose your parts right you can get a good bang for your buck.

Robert Tracey

Free bikes for everyone?

Rules. The UCI should make some more up, like randomly changing wheel size for just two days.

Dan Bassford

Safe and separated cycle paths.

Jeff Grover

Decent weather in Cornwall!

Dominic Chatfield

Protection enshrined in law via the implied liability laws like they have in the rest of Europe.

Barry Jones

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Women’s Tour de France! Woeful.

Jane Berridge

Police forces implementing safe passing distance campaigns like West Midlands' one.

Richard Clinker

A sensible racing cycling body to encourage manufacturers to innovate by stipulating that bikes in a sanctioned race should only meet three requirements: two wheels, leg powered and the rider should wear a helmet. End of.

Robert McNab

Swagger and bling. More gold. More cyclists with personality like Peter Sagan.

Mike Hammer

I think we need more drug abuse scandals, after all it’s not like anything is going on at the moment.

Paul Savage

Town centre racing – good for spectators, sponsors and riders.

Nick Rôbin

Good quality mudguards.

Scott-Alexander McKendrick


Andy Boyce

Mandatory insurance or registration plates. Makes sense and offers us security.

Marc Selby

Cake. The why is self-evident.

Thomas Willingham

Enforcing the wearing of cycle helmets and having working lights if riding at night.

Tow Wilkinson

Road safety: Need to do better at awareness for motorists and cyclists alike. Cyclists need to be better educated on defensive riding techniques.

Leslie Morrison

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Nigel Wynn
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