Kid records Danny MacAskill tribute video entitled ‘The Wall’

Video posted on Youtube is tribute to MacAskill's latest video 'The Ridge'

A young kid has created his very own tribute video to Danny MacAskill entitled ‘The Wall’ which was uploaded to Youtube earlier this week.

Having presumably had the help of a parent to film it, the video shows the mini-MacAskill, only known as ‘Robby’ in the description, riding his mountain bike around Surrey Hills trying to emulate Danny MacAskill’s video ‘The Ridge’.

While Robby isn’t quite old enough to have the tricks of MacAskill in his locker, it’s a sterling tribute to the Scottish trials cyclist, even going as far as to get an inflatable boat out to mimic the original video which was recorded in the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

MacAskill was personally pleased with the tribute to his work, tweeting about it earlier on Thursday:

If you haven’t seen MacAskill’s original video, you can watch it here.

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