National 10- and 25-mile champion Michael Hutchinson recorded a ninth consecutive 50-mile title in North Yorkshire on Saturday to claim a hat-trick of titles he last held three years ago.

Hutchinson clocked 1-40-37 for the course at Dishforth, while Wrekinsport CC?s Andy Bason was second with 1-44-26 and Ben Instone (Scientific Coaching) was third, another seven seconds off the pace.

Earlier in the day Julia Shaw secured the women?s title with a championship record time of 1-51-39 despite rainy conditions for the event.

Now riding for In Gear-Quickvit RT, Shaw returned to the top of the podium with a strong ride, beating her nearest rival by 1-04.

This year?s 10-mile champion, Shaw had to settle for second spot in the 25 as Sharon Laws took victory, but she returned to winning ways with a strong ride on Saturday, pushing Lynn Hamel (The Green Room Group) into second spot, while Beacon RCC?s Ruth Eyles was third with 1-55-06.

Hamel led The Green Room to the team prize alongside Charlotte Wadsworth and Lynsey Anderson, with a combined time of 6-01-07 which was also a championship record.

National 50-Mile Championship (Dishforth, North Yorkshire).-

1 Michael Hutchinson (In Gear Quickvit) 1-40-37

2 Andy Bason (Wrekinsport CC) 1-44-26
3 Ben Instone (Scientific Coaching) 1-44-33
4 Julian Ramsbottom (De Rosa RT) 1-44-36
5 Richard Prebble (GS Strada) 1-44-44
6 Mark Holton (Pro Bike Kit) 1-45-07
7 Kevin Dawson (Sportscover) 1-45-20
8 Ian Cammish (Planet X) 1-45-29
9 Mark Lovatt (Planet X) 1-45-46
10 Phil Sykes (VC St Raphael) 1-45-47
Team.- Planet X (Ian Cammish, Mark Lovatt, Wayne Randle 1-45-52) 5-17-07.

1 Julia Shaw (In Gear-Quickvit RT) 1-51-39

2 Lynn Hamel (The Green Room 1-52-53
3 Ruth Eyles (Beacon RCC) 1-55-06
4 Jessica Wilson-Young (Edinburgh RC) 1-55-51
5 Lynne Taylor (Walsall RCC) 1-58-45
6 Felicity Hart (Sleaford Wheelers) 1-59-50
Team.- The Green Room (Lynn Hamel, Charlotte Wadsworth 2-02-42, Lynsey Anderson 2-02-32) 6-01-07.