Perfect post-ride routines

There's more than one way to wind-down after a cycle. Here readers share their ideal post-ride routines



Though the temptation may be to collapse in a heap somewhere quiet - and preferably with a cup of coffee within easy reach - that may not be the perfect way to end your bike ride (for some, at least).

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what they consider to be the perfect post-ride routine, and here's a selection of their answers, in association with B'Twin.

What would be your perfect post-ride routine? Tell us in the comment section below.

As I fuel up on the ride with tea and cake I just arrive home to howling (more of that in a sec). Quick upload of Strava so other half knows I’m alive. Hop off the bike, take off helmet and gloves. Exchange cleats for trainers... and I’m off out again for three miles with my trusty greyhounds. It stretches the legs back out and sets me up for a nice long soak before I tackle the housework.

Emma Watts

Baked beans with peanut butter on toast. Then fall asleep while catching up on the latest road race.

David Palmer

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Collapse on the sofa drinking a strong coffee, while my four-year-old daughter cleans my bike!

Malc Hall

Scoff everything in the kitchen, eating the ingredients separately — preparing food takes too long. Put off washing my bike for as long as possible.

Matthew Addison

Egg, bacon and HP sandwich at the coffee shop, talk some rubbish with the fellas and ladies from the ride. Go home, shower, think about cleaning the bike, get distracted by something else (wife/child/Strava/lawn-mowing) and decide the bike will be OK for another ride.

Tony Savage

Go out for another ride.

Connor Billings

Arrive home. Stop the Garmin and hit save. Check phone and make sure activity synced to Strava. Open garage door and place down helmet, gloves, remove lights from bike. Edit Strava activity with comments and photos, and assign activity to correct bike. Hose bike with water. Spray bike with degreaser. Wash bike with brush. Hose bike down. Dry bike. Lube chain. Hang up bike. Remove overshoes and shoes. Go to back door. Turn and admire bike. Go inside. Give dog a hug. Put kettle on. Eat a biscuit (give quarter to the dog). And another. Maybe another. Instant coffee, lots of (skimmed) milk. Take coffee and another biscuit. Go to study and check Strava on PC to make sure all looks OK and check times, suffer score, segment achievements. Start Veloviewer. Sync latest activity. Check current status against target. Stare at screen aimlessly while drinking coffee wondering how I am going to hit my target. Go upstairs. Shower and start thinking about next ride and making room for it in my diary. Get dressed and get on with my other life.

Rupert Englander

Arrive back in metropolis after a countryside ride with mates, discuss which local pub is most hospitable to MAMILs and bikes, roll up to the nearest outside table, pints, repeat.

Ollie Craig

See how many PBs I missed out on “because of the wind” on Strava.

Francis Nelson

Chocolate milk, peanut butter and banana sandwich and a long bath dissecting my ride via Strava without my three small children or husband disturbing me. This rarely happens!

Belinda Middleton

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