Reader’s remedies for post-cycle ride fatigue

Suffering from post-ride tiredness? Maybe one of these tips from Cycling Weekly readers could help you (but maybe take it easy on the doughnuts and beer)

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers to nominate their best method of combatting the fatigue experienced after a tough bike ride. We present a selection of answers, in association with B'Twin.

What is your best advice for combatting post-ride fatigue? Let us know in the comment box below

Having read articles in Cycling Weekly about fasting rides and priorities when you get home again, I glance at Strava, strip off cycling gear, dressing gown on, make an omelette, have hot shower, check Strava to see if I have any PBs. My wind-down is makeup on and hair done.

Janice Goulston

Peanut butter and jam sandwiches. Foam roller, stretching. Shower. Loads of beer and live football. Heavenly Sunday.

Paul Trigg

Winter recovery involves a onesie and Ugg boots for gradual warming up and being smug whilst snug!

Nia James

You can combat it? I can’t remember the last time my legs didn’t ache.

Brian Woods


Matt Raymond

Thirty-minute snooze after some food and a brew seems to work for me.

Michael Smith

>>> Which is the best route to recovery from injury?

My remedy is to firstly make a lemon and ginger tea whilst eating a Wispa bar, then I run a bath with added bath salts, then I de-kit myself, soak in the bath for 15 minutes followed by a quick shower and five minutes stretching. Then a very large-portioned evening meal.

Jamie Edwards

I have a coffee, some food and then take a post-ride sit-down while checking my ride on Strava. Legs normally end up numb if I check each segment.

Daniel Ellis

Cheers! Is that a recovery drink?

Chocolate milkshake, marmalade on toast and 40 winks.

Mark Ridley-Smith

Protein drink, a long nap and ignoring all of the things you were supposed to do around the house.

Juan Echegaray

Young kids demanding your undivided attention.

David Whiteman

I normally find I lack energy after 40km — will a change in diet help? I find energy bars/gels have low effect.

Marc Selby

Epsom salts in the bath while refuelling with a bacon sandwich.

Jon Elliott

Don’t ride?

Stephen Mander

Leftovers, a shower and then not allowed to rest as the kids have me for a kiddie bike ride. Also known as a recovery ride.

Nick Stone

Shower, omelette made with anything left in the fridge, cuppa, and a chat about how epic the ride was.

Tom Power

Less than 60km = two pints of Heineken. More than 60km = Keema Dosa and two pints of Kingfisher.

Jonathan Theyers