CANADIAN National champion Dominique Rollin (US-Kodak Gallery) won his second stage of the 2007 FBD Insurance Ras when he sprinted home at the end of Friday?s 96-kilometre stage from Buncrana to Derry.

Rollin followed up his stage three victory with a one-second verdict over Germany-Thuringer Energy?s Marcel Barth – whose team-mate Tony Martin is currently leading the overall classification by 17 seconds from Ireland?s Paidi O?Brien, who finished in the bunch 24 seconds behind on the stage.

Mark Cassidy (Ireland-Murphy & Gunn) completed the podium on the day, three seconds behind Rollin, who will be aiming to move up the GC in Saturday?s 165-kilometre stage from Derry to Newcastle.

He is now just 40 seconds off the overall leader after closing the gap on Friday.

FBD Insurance Ras, Stage Six (Buncrana-Derry).-

1 Dominique Rollin (US-Kodak Gallery) 96km in 2-12-14

2 Marcel Barth (Germany-Thuringer Energy) at 1sec

3 Mark Cassidy (Ireland-Murphy & Gunn) at 3sec

4 Ricardo Van der Velde (Netherlands) same time

5 Stephen Gallagher (Ireland-Murphy & Gunn) at 4sec

6 Thomas Bendixen (Denmark Vision Bikes) same time

General Classification.-

1 Tony Martin (Germany-Thuringer Energy) 19-49-58

2 Paidi O?Brien (Ireland-Murphy & Gunn) at 17sec

3 Peter McDonald (Australia-FRF Couriers) at 24sec

4 Jesse Anthony (US-Kodak Gallery) at 36sec

5 Dominique Rollin (US-Kodak Gallery) at 40sec

6 Mark Cassidy (Ireland-Murphy & Gunn) at 44sec