Strava releases new automated routes feature

Just choose your distance and you’re away

(Image credit: chris catchpole)

Strava has just released a new automated routes feature, making it even easier to get perfect your ride.

The latest feature from the social media for athletes recommends personalised routes based on your location, preferred distance, surface type and the kind of terrain you want to take on.

Strava Routes, available to Summit subscribers, takes data from the three billion activities already posted online and creates a route for you to either ride or run.

The feature will also give you time estimates based on your recent activity, details of elevation and surface chances, and a heatmap overlay so you can see how populated your route is likely to be.

Once you’ve found a route you like, you can save it and find your way directly from the Strava app.

Strava released routes on March 24 and it’s available on the mobile app on iOS and Android.

Earlier this week, Cycling Weekly reported that Strava had made changes to its Summit subscription service, removing the three-tier system, which was introduced in 2018.

Riders had the choice of paying for either the training, safety or analysis packs for around £2.50 each or opting for the £6 per month complete package.

But it has recently changed the subscription service and now offers one complete package.

In October last year, Strava announced it would be removing Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity from its app, which proved a controversial decision.

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Strava said that connecting the app with Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors was causing the software to crash, prompting the company to remove the feature at the end of October.

Nothing changed for users who record using a GPS watch or bike computer like a Garmin, but for anyone who uses the app for their activities they are longer able to include power and heart rate data.