The most amazing thing about Dowsett's Hour? He could have gone faster

For the past six months, Bradley Wiggins's name has dominated talk of the Hour Record — but Alex Dowsett has given even him something to think about

Alex Dowsett’s Hour attempt was branded to within an inch of its life as “The Perfect Hour”. And when he broke the record – he added 446m to the previous mark of Rohan Dennis to finish with 52.937km – and with as much insouciance as he did, it was hard to argue with the hype.

It’s the degree of precision and control for which this ride will be most remembered. His team said they wanted him to ride very conservatively for the first 45 minutes of the hour. And it was so. His first lap off the standing start took more than 25 seconds, which was probably the slowest opening lap ridden by an elite male rider since Manchester Velodrome opened in 1995.

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