The best cycling-related jobs: which one would you choose?

We asked readers to pick their top cycling-related job, and here's what they chose...

There are plenty of jobs related to cycling that don't necessarily involve actually riding a bike. From mechanics, to pro cyclists' kit ironers, to chefs, to bike shop owners, to people who write about cycling.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what they would choose for employment in the world of cycling, and here is a selection of their answers, brought to you in association with B'Twin.

What cycling-related job would you choose? Let us know in the comments box below.

When I was a lad, I wanted to be Miguel Indurain. I was about 21 before I realised the job had, in fact, already been taken.

Thomas Willingham

To ride professionally — target event would be Tour of Britain. Who wouldn’t want to be paid to ride their bike?

Tom Mansfield

Police outrider on the Tour de France. Any idiot that tries to run alongside the riders would get shoved in the ditch.

Neil Jackman

I would be a chef, cooking for a pro team like LottoNL-Jumbo or Sky.

Ayoub Satih

Ironing Team Sky’s kit.

Jane Simpson

I'd love to run a bike pub/cafe/shop (just sells the basics like tubes, etc) as long as it made enough to keep me riding bikes and I could find time to ride... Perfect!

Rob H

Seamstress. For Sagan's cycling outfits.

Jude Williamson

To stand at the top of Box Hill, eating cakes and shouting encouragement to everyone who cycles past. If you could sort this with a good wage, health care and a pension, I'll be well happy!

Hugh Collings

Getting paid for testing climbs and descents all over the world on a road bike...

Leigh Coulson

Work in an inner tube factory putting dust caps on the valves.

Neil Richardson

Top boss of a very successful cycling brand (any) so I didn't have to work/worry about money and could just ride my bike (and have loads of VIP contacts) to get me access to all the decent race's VIP of course!

Gary Fodden

Cycling mechanic: be prepared to lean out of car windows with your magic spanner. Photo: Yuzuru Sunada
(Image credit: TDW)

Run a cyclists’ guest house in Southern France, giving guided routes/rides and selling essential spares out of the coffee shop attached.

Shaun Kirby

I would love to be a route planner for the Tour de France. Imagine a start around the bergs of Flanders, then onto the cobbles of northern France before moving towards the Alps.

Dave Pittman

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A cycling tourist guide for the mountains. Spend all day climbing.

Arvind Sami

Sports director sitting in the car during the Tour de France, masterminding a GC win.

Thurston Johnston

Post-race, alcohol-based celebration coordinator.

Alan Newman

I would be a mechanic for one of the big pro cycling teams.

Stu Deakin

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I am a mathematician and would love to mix maths and cycling and work on analysing all those lovely stats to find the marginal gains and assist the coaches with perfecting the training programmes by crunching the numbers.

Jacqui Stone

Road designation re-assigner. After touring the country to find the best roads for cycling, I'd be funded to lobby councils to designate roads as cycle routes. The 30mph limit would be enforced, car drivers would mostly move to bigger/faster roads leading to quieter, safer roads for cyclists.

Kaye Banks

I'd like to teach kids to cycle. Actually, now I'm thinking about it as I'm writing this, why don't I just go and do it?

Gavin Hudson

Product tester for a cycling magazine

Adam Reaney

An inner tube salesman. I would travel my regional sales patch in leased Vauxhall Astra 'peddling' my wares. I would have some great sales banter (e.g. there's nothing 'inflated' about these prices) and a nice suit.

David Robinson

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