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With the Tour coming to London, there’s a feast of British television coverage this year via both terrestrial and satellite.

ITV will be broadcasting 55 hours of coverage, the majority of which will be on ITV4, which is available via Freeview, cable or satellite. There is am hour highlights show at 7pm every evening on ITV4, with live coverage at the weekends. ITV’s Tour crew consists of Gary Imlach and Chris Boardman on the ground, with experienced duo Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen in the commentary box.

British Eurosport is offering a vast package of coverage, with daily live coverage augmented with studio sessions featuring live guests and highlights programmes peppered throughout the day. James Richardson and David Duffield are in the studio, with David Harmon and Sean Kelly providing live commentary. British Eurosport is available via satellite, cable or Freeview TopUp.

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All on ITV4 unless otherwise stated

Friday, July 618.30-20.30Team presentation/launch live
Saturday, July 714.45-19.00Prologue live
Sunday, July 810.30-16.10Stage one live
 10.50-11.50Stage one live (ITV1)
 15.15-16.00Stage one live (ITV1)
 19.00-20.00Stage one highlights
Monday, July 919.00-20.00Stage two highlights
Tuesday, July 1019.00-20.00Stage three highlights
Wednesday, July 1119.00-20.00Stage four highlights
Thursday, July 1219.00-20.00Stage five highlights
Friday, July 1319.00-20.00Stage six highlights
Saturday, July 1414.00-16.30Stage seven live
 19.00-20.00Stage seven highlights
Sunday, July 1514.30-17.00Stage eight live
 19.00-20.00Stage eight highlights
Monday, July 1619.00-20.00Highlights (rest day)
Tuesday, July 1719.00-20.00Stage nine highlights
Wednesday, July 1819.00-20.00Stage 10 highlights
Thursday, July 1919.00-20.00Stage 11 highlights
Friday, July 2019.00-20.00Stage 12 highlights
Saturday, July 2114.30-16.30Stage 13 live
 19.00-20.00Stage 13 highlights
Sunday, July 2214.00-16.00Stage 14 live
 19.00-20.00Stage 14 highlights
Monday, July 2319.00-20.00Stage 15 highlights
Tuesday, July 2419.00-20.00Highlights (rest day)
Wednesday, July 2519.00-20.00Stage 16 highlights
Thursday, July 2619.00-20.00Stage 17 highlights
Friday, July 2719.00-20.00Stage 18 highlights
Saturday, July 2814.30-17.00Stage 19 live
 19.00-20.00Stage 19 highlights
Sunday, July 2914.30-17.00Stage 20 live
 19.00-20.00Stage 20 highlights


British Eurosport

All on British Eurosport

Friday, July 619.00-20.30Team presentation/launch live
Saturday, July 714.15-19.00Prologue live
 2100-2200Prologue highlights
Sunday, July 809.45-16.00Stage one live
 21.00-21.45Stage one highlights
Monday, July 909.15-10.00Stage 1 highlights
 12.00-17.00Stage two live
 21.00-22.00Stage two highlights
Tuesday, July 1009.00-10.00Stage two highlights
 10.30-17.00Stage three live
 21.30-22.30Stage three highlights
Wednesday, July 1108.30-09.30Stage three highlights
 11.30-17.00Stage four live
 21.00-22.00Stage four highlights
Thursday, July 1208.30-09.30Stage four highlights
 11.30-17.00Stage five live
 20.45-21.45Stage five highlights
Friday, July 1310.30-11.30Stage five highlights
 11.30-17.00Stage six live
 21.00-22.00Stage six highlights
Saturday, July 1408.00-09.00Stage six highlights
 11.00-17.00Stage seven live
 21.15-22.15Stage seven highlights
Sunday, July 1507.30-08.30Stage seven highlights
 14.00-1700Stage eight live
 21.00-22.00Stage eight highlights
Monday, July 1608.00-09.00Stage eight highlights (rest day)
Tuesday, July 1708.00-09.00Stage eight highlights
 11.15-16.45Stage nine live
 21.00-22.00Stage nine highlights
Wednesday, July 1808.00-09.00Stage nine highlights
 10.45-17.00Stage 10 live
 21.00-22.00Stage 10 highlights
Thursday, July 1908.00-09.00Stage 10 highlights
 11.30-17.00Stage 11 live
 21.00-22.00Stage 11 highlights
Friday, July 2008.00-09.00Stage 11 highlights
 11.30-17.00Stage 12 live
 21.00-22.00Stage 12 highlights
Saturday, July 2108.00-09.00Stage 12 highlights
 12.00-17.00Stage 13 live
 21.00-22.00Stage 13 highlights
Sunday, July 2207.30-08.30Stage 13 highlights
 13.00-16.30Stage 14 live
 21.00-22.00Stage 14 highlights
Monday, July 2308.45-09.45Stage 14 highlights
 09.45-17.00Stage 15 live
 21.00-22.00Stage 15 highlights
Tuesday, July 2410.00-11.00Stage 15 highlights (rest day)
 14.00-15.00Stage 15 highlights
Wednesday, July 2509.30-17.00Stage 16 live
 21.00-22.00Stage 16 highlights
Thursday, July 2608.00-09.00Stage 16 highlights
 11.30-17.00Stage 17 live
 21.00-22.00Stage 17 highlights
Friday, July 2708.00-09.00Stage 17 highlights
 11.00-17.00Stage 18 live
 21.00-22.00Stage 18 highlights
Saturday, July 2812.00-12.45Stage 18 highlights
 12.45-13.15Stage 19 live
 21.00-22.00Stage 19 highlights
Sunday, July 2908.00-09.00Stage 19 highlights
 12.15-17.00Stage 20 live
 21.45-22.45Stage 20 highlights
 23.45-00.45Stage 20 highlights

British Eurosport:

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