Tweets of the week: Bradley Wiggins, Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig, and could the UCI’s sock measurement tool be used as PPE?

Can we really be sure what is and isn't real life anymore?

Another week, another descent down the most unexpected timeline of life on Earth.

Things could have been normal, couldn’t they? But instead:

Tour de France winner Pedro Delgado on MasterChef? Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig attacked by bird excrement? Bradley Wiggins Wiggins looking like he’s about to knock you out? José Joaquín Rojas setting the dumpster fire that is Twitter dot com alight with a single tweet? The UCI’s sock measurement contraptions re-purposed as PPE?

Yes, it’s been a week…

1. Now you just need Flat Stanley commentating over it and job done

2. Nothing to see here, just Pedro Delgado’s going to be on Spanish MasterChef

3. If we do end up re-purposing the UCI’s sock measurement thingies as PPE then we know we’re completely and utterly doomed

4. Maybe instead of yet another Zwift race, we could get a whole bunch of pros to see who can do this the fastest

5. While coronavirus may have taken a massive dump on the racing calendar, a bird has taken a slightly smaller one on Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig

6. Now this is unmistakeably clear guidance

7. Translation: “My friend, you know that in Spain we have great food and you will have great support.”

You can just see Rojas hitting send on that tweet and sitting back, a wry smile on his face, knowing what he’s just unleashed

8. Wiggo looks like he’s about to go rob a Solero from an off-licence

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Groundhog Day #lockdown

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9. Connor Swift has been riding the Tour de Yorkshire solo, a more impressive feat considering he’s been up against a headwind the entire time, and the videos are *chef’s kiss* perfect

10. Alex Dowsett, meanwhile, has continued his punditry duties on from the Swiss Digital Five, with this insightful analysis

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We’ll be back in seven days’ time for more of the best from social media across the cycling world.