Tweets of the week: Nairo Quintana, Sam Bennett, Thomas De Gendt and more

The best social media posts from across the cycling world this week

Another week, another set of tweets for your viewing delectation. And don’t worry, there’s no talk of backstops, prorogation, and no one in the professional peloton has maybe lied to the Queen…we think.

Evade the current hellscape of the real world with ten comfortingly enjoyable tweets from the world of cycling.

1. Forget a fine, there should be a cash prize for such displays of athleticism.

2. Or: when Bora-Hansgrohe wont let you break an early agreement so you can ride for Deceuninck – Quick-Step instead.

3. Volume no. 17546 of Thomas De Gendt being Thomas De Gendt.

4. Let’s be honest, if Nairo Quintana delivered your Wagamama’s there is zero chance it would arrive all in one piece.

5. For an unexplainable, complete random reason, Chad Haga just became our favourite pro cyclist.

6. If Jeremy Clarkson finds out he’ll probably need resuscitating.

7. Scroll past quickly if you don’t want to read a harrowing and shocking story.

8. Hi Siri, what’s the dictionary definition of ‘a close one’.

9. On the one hand, life is too short to fold clothes like this. On the other, if I followed this advice maybe my parents would finally be proud of me.

10. I’m going to be up all night toiling over whether this is acceptable behaviour or not.

We’ll be back in seven days’ time for more of the best from social media across the cycling world.