Unbelievable bike handling on display at the Indoor Cycling World Championships (video)

Those competing in the Indoor Cycling World Championships put road riders doing wheelies into perspective. Read on for more of the best videos, including a classic advert and a pro-rider on rollerblades

Day three of the UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships saw the German women's pairs take gold and silver, ahead of a Swiss pairing in third.

Behind the scenes training videos for these competitions would make for great viewing considering how hard the skills on display must be.

Riding fixed gear bikes around and arena is one thing, but then doing it with your mate perched on your handlebars or stood upright on your shoulders is really something else.

These kinds of skills make the ever-entertaining wheelies of Peter Sagan look pretty easy indeed.

The Yellow Pages: helping local bike shops for decades


This classic Yellow Pages advert popped up on Facebook recently. Internet sales are undoubtedly a factor in the loss of market share for the Yellow Pages and our local bike shops, but thankfully many in the latter category have rallied in recent years as people appreciate face-to-face advice and the chance to try before they buy.

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It's also timely as, despite the advert looking like it's set earlier in the year, many parents might be pulling similar manoeuvres as they buy two-wheeled Christmas presents.

Jens Keukeleire's cross-training looks the most fun

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Running is often the go-to option for riders wanting to keep fit but stay away from their bikes from a time. Swimming is also popular, and soon enough it's as though they're training to take on the Brownlee brothers.

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Jens Keukeleire takes a different approach as he goes rollerblading (in full team kit of course) around his local roads, and even ties it in with parenting.

Young riders' talents know no bounds

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The British Cycling track sprinting trio of Joe Truman, Ryan Owens and Jack Carlin are future stars on the track, and recently took gold in the U23 European Championships.

But as this video shows, they're also pretty handy off the bike. Three disk wheels, two hands, one head, much laughter.

Get a taste of the Revolutions Champions League

Get track centre with the pros and get a taste of the Revolution Champions League with this exclusive video.

Ed Clancy and Jon Mould took the win, seeing off WorldTour opposition on the way to being crowned the winners in the London velodrome.

More from the Indoor World Champs


It wasn't just the acrobats showing very different ways to ride a bike, as the teams in the Cycle-ball competition were also on stellar form.

The mental and physical training and energy that must go into something that they make look easy is almost unfathomable.

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