Video shows moment delivery rider crashes bike and head injury causes him to stumble into path of bus

Joseph Nicholson said the incident ’could have been fatal’ after he was hit head-on by the bus

A delivery rider had a lucky escape when a head injury suffered in a crash caused him to stumble into the path of an oncoming bus, which hit him head on.

Joseph Nicholson slipped on a wet patch of road causing him to crash his bike in Cardiff.

The Just Eat delivery rider didn’t realise he had suffered a head injury in the fall that caused him to trip into the path of the bus, which was unable to stop in time and collided with the cyclist, Wales Online reports. (opens in new tab)

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Mr Nicholson said: “I don’t think I’ve processed how lucky I am.

“I’ve gotten away with that one. It could have been fatal. I would say to riders, wear a helmet.”

Video footage of the incident shows Mr Nicholson cycling on Westgate Street in Cardiff, where he was on his way to pick up a takeaway order when he slipped on a wet corner.

He picks himself up off the floor and stands on the pavement to recover from the shock.

Suddenly he starts to stumble towards the road and trips over his own feet, sending him face first into the oncoming bus, which hits him in the neck.

Mr Nicholson went to hospital and said he can’t remember anything after leaning on the wall before he was hit by the bus.

His injuries included a concussion, a cut forehead and neck, and bruising.

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Mr Nicholson said he has decided to quite the delivery business.

Back across the Welsh border, a BMW driver is facing jail after a horrific hit and run on a cyclist in north London.

Sean Fagan, 29, left medical student Josh Dey with brain injuries after he hit him with his car and fled the scene on Easter Sunday (April 21).

Mr Dey, who suffered a brain bleed in the crash, reported the crime to police and was asked by officers to track down CCTV footage himself.

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