Watch: Undertaking cyclist being hit by turning car sparks debate over who was in the wrong

Cyclist escaped without serious injuries

A video of a cyclist undertaking traffic and being hit by a turning car has sparked a debate over who was in the wrong.

The footage, which was taken in Bedford Park on the outskirts of Adelaide, Australia, shows the cyclist using a cycle lane to travel down the left-hand side of stationary traffic.

However, his progress was brought to an abrupt halt when a motorist turning right into a junction failed to see him coming, leaving him with nowhere to go but into the side of the car.

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Thankfully the cyclist escaped without any serious injuries, but the video sparked a lengthy debate about whether the motorist or the cyclist was in the wrong.

According to Australian laws, cyclists are perfectly entitled to undertake vehicles so long as they aren't indicating to turn left and have begun the manoeuvre.

That would imply that it was up to the motorist to look out for the cyclist, but a number of commenters also pointed out that if they had been in the same situation as the cyclist, then they might have ridden slightly slower just in case a car were to pull out into their path.