Wiggle "to investigate" after plagiarism allegations

Anna Glowinski alleges online retailer copied her design for women's jersey

dhb Women's Blok Superstar Long Sleeve Jersey

dhb Women's Blok Superstar Long Sleeve Jersey, the design of which is being contested

dhb Women's Blok Superstar Long Sleeve Jersey, the design of which is being contested

Online retailer Wiggle says it will be "investigating fully" after claims that it plagiarised the design of a women's jersey for use in its dhb clothing range.

TV presenter and designer Anna Glowinski, founder of the Ana Nichoola clothing range, wrote on her Facebook page on Friday (October 25): "18 months ago @wiggle bike shop came to my design studio/office and we spent a couple of hours looking at my designs with a view to buy. A year later we talked about a collaboration. The talks went quiet and they brought out their own version. Angry? Yes! Heartbroken? More than I knew was possible! Powerful? Nope."

Glowinski wearing her own jersey design that she claims has been plagiarised by Wiggle

Glowinski wearing a jersey that she claims was combined with several other of her designs to create the dhb Blok Superstar

The story was taken up by sympathisers on social media. Some commenters even went so far as to call for a boycott of the online retailer. Not all comments came down on the designer's side though; one pointed out that "stars on a top" has been done time and time again, and that she may not have reason for complaint.

On Sunday (October 26), Wiggle acknowledged the complaint and added: "We are taking her claim very seriously and will be investigating fully on Monday."

The statement continued: "We at Wiggle would like to make clear that we work to the highest ethical standards. If a designer has indeed used Anna's designs and passed them off as their own then we will be taking full disciplinary action and ensuring that Anna benefits from the design royalties. We too would be upset, if indeed this has happened."

Wiggle says it will provide an update at 5pm on Monday October 27.

Edit: Wiggle denies jersey 'plagiarism'