‘Beats these ghastly traffic jams’ – Winston Churchill’s grandson joins London’s cycling revolution

Sir Nicolas Soames uses a bike to beat congestion in Central London

Sir Nicolas Soames, the Tory MP for Mid-Sussex, has joined the thousands of other people who are helping to cut congestion in London by getting about by bike.

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The grandson of Sir Winston Churchill tweeted a photo of himself on his “new steed” outside the Houses of Parliament, saying that riding “beats these ghastly traffic jams.”

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Westminster is on the route of one of the segregated cycle superhighways, so the 68-year-old should be able to get to most places he needs to without fighting for space with motor traffic.

This is a marked change to his fellow parliamentarian Robert Winston’s views on the new cycle infrastructure. Eminent scientist Lord Winston of Hammersmith blamed emissions-free cycling for an increase in the capital’s air pollution levels.

This ‘fact’ was disputed by many on social media, and data from londonair.org.uk showed no causal link between cycle lanes and an increase in air pollution levels.

Image: twitter.com/lastnotlost / londonair.org.uk

Image: londonair.org.uk via twitter.com/lastnotlost

Despite claims from some media outlets and anti-cycling campaigners, anyone who’s used the cycle lanes knows that they’re well used and a very efficient way of getting around London.