100 miles later… Bontrager, Fizik and Exaustar

Fizik Cyrano Carbon £129.99
Two things stand this seatpost out from a vast crowd. Firstly, and most noticeably, its unique carbon finish subtlety oozes class, with a sleek head that’s perfectly in keeping. Secondly and most creditably, form has not trumped function.

Fizik’s head design is one of the most user friendly I’ve had the pleasure of fitting a saddle on. Fast and simple operation with bags of easy to dial in angular fine tuning is a users dream.

There’s no need to swap components for different seat rail diameters/materials either and the clamp offers excellent support and security regardless.

Neatly demarcated height gradation and a rubber water seal are just the icing on the cake. Superb.

Contact: www.extrauk.co.uk

Exustar E-PR2CKTI £195
Exustar might not be first off the tongue for top end pedals but the E-PR2CKTI, the cream of its crop, seems every bit a match for the best the competition has to offer. They are seriously light at 200g a pair, in this titanium axled guise.

Bearing quality feels superb and the carbon composite body offers a wide support base for the cleat which itself is superb and superior to Look’s Keo cleat. There’s adjustable spring tension too, so full marks for functionality, clearly uncompromised by such precious few grams.

Time will tell if the cleat resting directly on the body, where others have inserted a stainless steel plate, will cause wear issues, but no signs as yet. 

Contact: www.exustar.com

Bontrager Oracle helmet £129.99
Introduced to my noggin at a recent press launch I took an immediate liking to the fit of the Oracle and to be honest its appearance too.

Ok, granted they are both very personal but in light of not knowingly having any unusual head ‘quirks’ plus the fact Bontrager’s design incorporates three key points of adjustment/customization – two adjusted with the helmet off, and one ‘on the fly’ fine tune – I’d wager, most users should be able to achieve the same high levels of comfort I enjoyed.

I’d also give the Oracle a tick in the box for ventilation too after a couple of hard rides in warmer climes.

Contact: www.bontrager.com

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