CeramicSpeed's new UFO Drip chain coating turns solid on your chain

CeramicSpeed has released a new UFO drip chain lube that turns solid on the bike

CeramicSpeed has given us a sneak peak of its UFO Drip chain coating, jammed with its latest lubing technology – and it goes against all conventional wisdom.

For starters, the company prefers not to call it lube, because it doesn't remain liquid for long. In half an hour, it turns to a solid on the chain (although it does recommend prepping the bike the night before).

Conventional thought would suggest that a solid should be slower, but CeramicSpeed argues that it's what actually makes the coating the fastest on the market.

Unlike wet lube (and also dry lube, apparently), a solid, wax like coating can't pick up debris from the road in the same way. So during a ride, your chain is less likely to get mucky.

According to its own pre-ride testing, the UFO Drip had a friction level of 3.78w, whereas the next direct competitor had 4.51w.

Even more staggeringly, CeramicSpeed claims that the friction levels actually drop from this level after 90 minutes of riding, compared to direct competitors that saw friction levels increase by almost 2.0w.

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The fact that the coating doesn't pick up rubbish from the roads should also mean you get greater mileage out of your kit. Again, by its own calculations, CeramicSpeed reckons that's up to 53% less wear on pulleys.

The lack of gunk also means a lack of cleaning. The brand boldly claims you only need lubricate you chain every 200km, and never have to clean the chain.

Again, going against the grain, it also argues that you needn't watch how much you apply. Instead, it recommends you apply the coating until it drips from the links. There's no need to even wipe clean.

CeramicSpeed admits that it does make the chain more noisy than if a normally lubed, and surely a noisy chain is a slow chain?

Well, once again CeramicSpeed has data to prove otherwise. According to it, a wet - and more silent lube - has a degree of viscous drag, whereas a solid coating has none of this, but more of the noise.

The UFO Drip chain coating will land in October and cost £70 per 180ml.

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