Check out this bacteria-resistant water bottle from ABLOC

The Arrive S water bottle from ABLOC reportedly has antimicrobial technology embedded in the body, which means it is resistant to mold, bacteria and odors

Cyclists are renowned for only cleaning their water bottles when absolutely necessary, and even then its only a quick rinse, but a new bidon from ABLOC could alleviate the need to do a regular clean.

With antimicrobial technology embedded in the body and cap of the bottle, the Arrive S bottle is reportedly able to actively resist mold, bacteria and odors.

Its designers also boldly claim that its sleek design makes it easier to get in and out of bottle cages, as it slides in with much less resistance due to the taper of the bottle. No longer will you have to fumble while trying to put your bottle back in its holster.

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“Bottles are prominently visible in the middle of most frames. If you care about aesthetics, it’s a disservice to ride bottles with no consideration for design, and scratched up graphics,” said Yujin Kawase, founder & CEO of ABLOC. “We took a fresh, holistic approach, so riders can enjoy not only beautiful design, but new performance features as well.”

The designers claim it only weighs 65g in its 550ml size (although the water you fill it with will unfortunately weigh the same as it always does), with its "aggressive, yet restrained" reportedly excelling "in a wide range of scenarios".

While the plain design might not suit everyone, the designers counter this by saying that the logos that aren't on the bottle will therefore not scratch off, as happens with regular bottles.

There's more information on the ABLOC website and a Arrive S bottle will set you back $12 (less than a tenner).

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